Lauren Maria Hill 


Lauren is a Bristol-born artist. Her paintings explore notions of identity, urban culture and definitions of beauty. These works range from refined oil paintings on wood, to large murals and watercolour on paper.


Original pieces are available on request, also giclée prints and merchandise; such as pocket mirrors and notebooks. You can click here to access the Etsy store. Pieces can also be found locally in Bristol; such as the Upfest gallery. 

Lauren is a third year student at UWE Bristol, studying Fine Art. She recently completed a semester abroad in Hong Kong, where she spent five months practicing her oil painting and emmersing herself in the world of Hong Kong's contemporary and street art scene.   

Oil Painting 

Lauren is self-taught in oil painting, as her interest in expression through painting began at a young age. She studied art throughout school and college, later attending Bristol School of Art to complete a diploma. For several years, Lauren worked part time and spent time traveling and practicing her oil painting, while exhibiting locally or producing commissioned pieces. More recently, Lauren has been refining her work through her Fine Art degree studies, by reflecting on ideas and issues surrounding painting as a contemporary art practice.  


Lauren has produced outdoor murals for Upfest 2016/2018, and interior paintings for a local youth centre and sixth-form college. These projects have all been completed during live painting events, therefore the work is often free hand, enabling experimentation with ideas and materials. Her work is unique as she blurs the line between fine art and street art, with a focus on refining the face through oil painting.   


Her watercolour paintings are done with a sense of freedom and expression, by allowing the water to saturate the paper and bleed into each colour. Areas of highlights are accentuated with a touch of white, and depth added with black fine liner. These works have an illustrative feel, and have been reproduced into beautifully framed prints, designs for cards, accessories and stationary. 

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